Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

My very most favorite thing is LOVE!!!  Love is a Person in action!  We only have Love because of The One Who IS LOVE!  Daddy God is the supplier of every ounce of love we have.  Love is the one thing that we all need to survive.  Without Love we die from the inside out.  Love....and I'm talking about REAL, LASTING LOVE, only comes from Daddy God!  If you have never accepted that Love then you will never be able to GIVE THAT KIND OF LOVE!  If you have never accepted this Love from Jesus then you will never be able to accepted it from others because you will not understand it.  This Love is the best and it is why we were created =)  All other imitators of love will fade away in time.  The very best part about this Love is that it is EVERLASTING!!!! 

My helpmate, my honey, my partner, my man, my hubby Max is next on this amazing never ending list of favorites!!!  This man was created just of ME!  We have been blessed with something so special that words cannot even come close to doing it justice.  He is honest, loving, REAL and extremely handsome, (that, I believe is just a bonus)! 

Oh and then there is that special gift that was all the proof I ever needed that Daddy God thought I was pretty special.....the day I was blessed with Hunter Max Elrod was the day a LOVE like no other took over my entire life!  He has blessed every single day of my life since the moment I knew he existed!  Watching him grow into a young man has been so amazing.  Watching the prayers that Max and I have prayed over him his whole life being answered has to top everything else!!! 

My "list" really is never ending!  As I sit here my mind is filled with so many wonderful memories and thoughts and plans!  My Daddy God has me all wrapped up in His FAVOR!!!  I am completely consumed with HIS LOVE =) 


Thursday, December 15, 2011


WOW!  It seems like a hundred years since I have been here!  There have been many changes in the past few weeks.  Max and I made what has been the biggest step of faith EVER!  We knew the Lord was calling us out and we knew we had a big decision to make but we had no idea how to make the first move!  So we put on our "trust hat" and made the choice to trust that Daddy God knew full well what He was doing and we took that first step!  We left the Ranch and the ministry we loved so dearly.  This was not just leaving a job or even a ministry.  We were leaving the children that had become such a part of our very hearts! While the boys were not OURS, our hearts felt otherwise.  We wondered how God could bring them into our lives just to separate us in 6 short years!  But....we chose to TRUST!  We believed that God would grace us and them for this transition.  It was a sad goodbye but as promised, Daddy God protected our hearts.  I miss them so much but I hold to the promise that after our "no contact" period is up, (6 months) we will enter back into their lives in a different but just as vital way =) 

So we have gone from a family of ten to a family of THREE!!  Well, most of the time there is just me and Max!  Hunter has a life!  hahaha  I am so enjoying the new relationship with my husband!  I love being able to spend time with him again.  Our future is set to be filled with joy and excitement!!! 
God has opened many doors for me to go and share the message of healing and restoration!  I absolutely LOVE going and speaking!  I wish I could do it EVERYDAY!!!  I cannot speak enough of just how good Daddy God is =)  This is the ministry He has birthed in my heart!  Being a lifelong lover of photography, I am also able to now do that as a means of income for my family! 

I am learning that when I submit myself and everything I do to the Lord, HE blesses it all =)  He has given me JOY, PEACE, SUCCESS and more LOVE in my heart than I have ever had before!!!  When I say, "GOD IS GOOD", I mean it with everything deep in my soul!  The devil still tries to pick on me but I just remind him WHO I AM and WHO I BELONG TO!!!! 

I have so much more to share and I am BACK so keep up!

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