Sunday, August 28, 2011


The more I submit to Daddy God the more freedom I experience!  It is simply amazing!  I can remember years ago thinking of all the things I would have to "give up" to follow Jesus the way He wanted me to.  I look back now and see how much I have gained =) 

When I first started to realize some of the things the Lord was calling me to do, I thought, there is no way.  I thought, how can I ever do all that He is calling me to do?  It seemed to me that it would require me to "give up" so much.  Then He began to speak to me and my spirit eyes started to see so clearly.  My heart was changing and the more I said "yes" the more freedom I felt!  God has a plan for me.  He has a plan for each of us!  His plan is GOOD and His plan is perfect.   His plan is not to harm us!! 

Jer. 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I am excited about my future because I know it is GOOD =)

Don't allow the enemy to come in and try to steal your future!!!  Submit your life to Jesus and live in His FREEDOM!!!!  


Thursday, August 25, 2011


I love that Daddy God moves on my heart...stirring it up to take action!!!  As I release more and more of myself to Him, He fills my heart with more and more!  More love, joy, grace, instruction, excitement, compassion, a desire to live out what He created me to do!  I am finding that my desire and His desire for me are flowing together.  It is such a beautiful experience =)  He is placing people in my life and allowing love and encouragement to flow in and about these relationships!  I am completely consumed with HIS LOVE!!! 

I have no fear of the future!  In fact, I feel that my future is NOW!!!  I am walking into my future right now and with each step comes a feeling that I am unable to explain.  The only word that I can even come up with is JOY!!! 

I have my book signing in a couple of days!  Just me!  I am so excited about the people I know Daddy God is going to send!  I'm excited about all the opportunities coming up to go and speak;  to share this love and joy that God is filling me with!  To share the message of healing and restoration.  The message of living the life we were created for!!!  I am currently working on a couple of other projects that I am so pumped about!  God is GOOD and HE has good for ALL of His children!!!  I think back to when I sat in an abandoned house, scared to death, feeling more alone than ever.  Then I become aware at where I am now with my Daddy God.....WOW!  It is IMPRESSIVE that He brought me through all of that...and even MORE impressive that He sees fit to use ME to further His Kingdom!!!!!!! 

I pray that YOU are encouraged today that Daddy God has an amazing plan for YOU!  It is a perfect plan that is for your good and the good of others that you influence!  He created your heart to be filled with all things good =)  Don't let the enemy tell you any different!  God is faithful and He is ALWAYS working in YOUR best interest!!!!  Don't be afraid to MOVE =)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dare to BE!

There are so many things that Daddy God has planed for each of us.  He didn't just create us to live, but to live a life of expediency!  To expect blessings, peace, abundance, and a life filled with joy, a heart filled with LOVE!   He has a great and perfect plan for His children.  We do live in a fallen world but we do not have to live under it's curse!  The enemy would love to deceive us into believing there are things that we cannot overcome, but that is a LIE!  We have every right to expect all things of heaven and earth!  We CAN live with HEAVEN ON EARTH!  When we believe the WORD and trust in THE LORD, all this is ours for the taking!  Even though there is destruction in this world, we have the RIGHT to live above it.  When the enemy attacks, Daddy God has already given us everything we need to pass through, we just have to KNOW it and ACCEPT it!  WE ARE HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!  HE has already done HIS part and now it is up to US to DARE TO BE who He created us to be!  Don't be distracted by the lies of the enemy.  Be confident in the TRUTH OF OUR CREATOR!!!!!
Be encouraged and DARE TO BE!!!!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Use What Ya Got!

Ephesians 1:3 — God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. It follows, therefore, that if we are not in Christ we do not have the spiritual blessings God has for His people.
This is why we need to be in Christ.

When we made the decision to accept Christ, we opened the door to receive everything we would need to live the life we were created for.  It is all available for us, but most of us, for some reason, do not operate in that fullness that is promised to us!  For me, I lived most of my life thinking I had to "earn" this in some way.  I could have it all but if I messed up I got sent back to the beginning and had to work my way back up!  I also had earthly blessings and spiritual blessings all mixed up.  I thought that if my finances were bad, I was not under God's blessing.  If I got sick, that for some reason, God had lifted His blessing off of me.  I WAS SO WRONG!  See, spiritual blessings are far greater than earthly blessings!  Spiritual blessings are HOPE, PEACE, LOVE, CONTENTMENT, JOY, POWER, AUTHORITY...........the only way these blessings are lifted is if we chose not to accept them.  We can chose not to operate in them!  It doesn't matter what the earthly circumstance, the SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS remain!!!  Now, God does bless us with earthly blessings as well.  He can supernaturally supply things that in the natural cannot be explained! 

I believe the greatest spiritual blessing is the power and authority!!!  When we recognize that we have power and authority over the enemy, we walk in confidence that there is nothing that can take our blessings away!  Satan may attack, but we do not have to live under that attack!!!  We can have JOY, LOVE, PEACE and CONTENTMENT in spite of what the enemy tries to trip us up with!!! 

I pray that you are encourage and empowered by this TRUTH!  I know I am!!!  God is ALWAYS good!  He has already given us these things so USE WHAT YA GOT!!!!! 


Sunday, August 7, 2011


God gave me another opportunity this weekend to go and share His goodness through my story.  I have to say that it fills my heart with unspeakable JOY when I get to talk about just how good my Daddy God is!!! 

As I got up to speak I could feel my heart reaching out and being received by those at the conference.  I could look at  the faces and see that the Lord was ministering to them through me.  It was powerful and humbling at the same time.  I felt so small yet larger than life!  I knew that THE ONE with the power was inside of me, enabling me to stand before them and tell my story.  He gave the ability to encourage them that they, too are eligible for freedom and restoration!!! 

I had people coming up to me after, sharing their stories and how they, too wanted to be free from their past!
God is at work and the work is GOOD!

On my way to the conference I was talking with Daddy God and asking Him to use me, asking Him to touch and restore!  Asking Him to bring healing to the broken.  As I began to pray it hit me like a ton of brinks......and I said to Him, "I am so IMPRESSED with YOU!  I am IMPRESSED that YOU can use ME!"  See, I was NO GOOD for SO LONG!!!  There was NO GOOD in me and He MADE ME GOOD!!!  He took all the bad and replaced it with His good!  It really is astounding!  He used ME to carry the most important massage....HIM!  I receive A LOT of encouragement but I also receive discouragement.  I know that I do not have to receive the discouragement!!!  This is HIS PLAN and no man can hinder it! 

Are you IMPRESSED with what He has done in your life?  Are you IMPRESSED with just how far He has brought you?  I encourage you to spend some time thinking about it and thanking Him for it! 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A kept Woman

Ok, so in one of my first blogs I talked about the process of getting my book published.  I knew from the very beginning that I would not base any decision on money but on what God told me to do.  He told me to publish my story (really it's "our" story because He has everything to do with it!).  Daddy God is the Author of my life!  I didn't consider the cost and took that first step of faith.  I remember the very first "seed" that was sown into my book.  It was $100.00 and the day it was given to me I had to meet my grandmother for lunch.  We had a waitress that day that was very pregnant and after talking with her,  found out she also had 3 other small children.  I wanted to give her the $100.00!  I asked the Lord and just didn't have an settled feeling about it, so I kept the money.  The next morning as I was ironing school clothes and watching Joyce Meyer, I heard her say something that changed my thinking.  She was talking about sowing seed and that we always think of it as money.  Not all seed is money.  It can be our time, our prayers, our words, ect.  Then I heard the Lord tell me that the $100.00 was for my book and that my story IS my seed!  I am sewing my story of healing and freedom into lives and that God will use my story to change, heal and comfort  and RESTORE others! 

As the days and weeks went on God called more people to sow seed into my book and my life!  I have received money,  prayers, and encouragement!  God always comes through and provides everything I need to do this work He has called me to! 

I woke up one day and as I was laying in bed collecting my thoughts for the day, I heard the enemy speaking to me.  He was saying, "Where's your money?"  "You know you have to have $430.00 in 2 days and you don't have it?"  "Your bank account is going to be overdrawn!"  "When the publisher sees you have no money they will not publish your book!"   I am being very transparent here so I am trusting that you understand my heart in sharing this.  You see, we had $8.00 in our account and the publisher was going to  draft the LAST PAYMENT for the book ($420.00) in TWO DAYS!  I pointed my finger at the devil and said, "STOP IT!!  You LIE!!!  My Daddy God has already provided my needs!!!!!"

I thanked God for being my provider and for loving me above the lies of my enemy!  I took a shower and as I stepped out of the shower I had a text message asking me to call when I could talk.  I made that call and as I hung up, I had $200.00 for the book! I praised God and thanked Him all morning!  By the afternoon I had another $100.00 seed money!!!!  MY DADDY IS THE BEST!!!!!  How could I NOT trust Him????? 

I was reminded of the verse
“What then shall we say to [all] this? If God is for us, who [can be] against us? [Who can be our foe, if God is on our side?] He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?” Romans 8:31-32

His plan for me is so good and so big!!!  He is for me and He has given me all authority to cast the enemy off of me!  I do not have to accept the lies of the devil!  And all the bondage of my past is GONE!  I am FREE!  Free to tell my story, Free to encourage others, Free to go out and fulfill my destiny!!!!

The next morning as we drove into town my husband got a phone call and when he hung up he looked at me and said, "YOU BOOK IS PAID FOR!"  All praise and glory go to the KING OF KINGS!  It's another day in the blessing and living the miracle that is, life with Jesus =)  I am HIS and HE has all control in my life!  I am blessed to be a kept woman!!! 

I am believing that you are encouraged today!!!!  I am challenging you to encourage someone else today!!!  If God has placed instruction on you to give money, time, or just a word to someone...DO IT!  Do not count the cost because what you receive will be more that you could ever imagine!!!!!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

This is who I am!

I love my blog and I love hearing from the people who read it =)  You guys really do ROCK!  So I decided a couple of weeks ago to let YOU ask ME anything!!!  There were some pretty interesting things you wanted to know!  hahaha  So  now the answers to what enquiring minds want to know!!!

I was raised in Hope, Arkansas!  Family, friends and lots of WATERMELON!!  I do not go back as often as I should.  I do still have family there.  And LOTS of memories =)

No I do not know Bill Clinton!  But when Max and I started dating, our pastor was Mike Huckabee and he married us in 1989 =)

My favorite color is RED!  Says a lot,  huh?!

In 5 years I see myself following the leading of The Holy Spirit!  I know I will be sharing Jesus wherever He allows me to go!!!  There are NO LIMITS to what Daddy God will do in the future of my family!

Max and I are in full time ministry.  We are house parents at a children's ranch.  We serve in a boys home.  We have 8 boys that live with us (including Hunter, our son).

There are many people that have influenced my life!  They have all inspired me in different ways.  STILL DO!

I have 2 awesome brothers!  I am the oldest =)

My prayer for my amazing son ,Hunter , is to always allow Daddy God to lead him and for him to always have a heart for people! 

My favorite TV shows are Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and any real crime show!  I love to watch true stories. 

What I wanted to be when I grew up.....A Dancer!  That was all I wanted to do. 

Why I blog:  In part because it is like an outlet for me to empty my brain!  But my main goal is to encourage and challenge those who read it.  (I usually find that it is ME that is encouraged and challenged)!

Yes it was a bit scary when I decided to publish my story and expose my entire life!  There was a lot of prayer and confirmation before I decided to publish the book.  Daddy God is faithful and He is my leader and that is really all I needed.  Excited about the future!!! 

This was really a lot of fun and I thank you all for participating!  BE BLESSED!